Re: CUPS: FC5 and older can't see printers shared by FC6

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One more thing...

If I insert ServerName directive in client.conf on FC5 and FC3, CUPS on
these computers will be able to see shared printers by the specified server
(but not without the directive).

Hope this helps a bit...


| FC3 did have cups printing... it's available at least since redhat 9!
| I still have one old machine running RH9 sharing some printers which are |
| seen by all computers (FC3, FC5, FC6 and MacOS X).
| I'm replacing this machine with a new one running FC6.
| All computers are in the same network and as cups' browsing is enabled by
| default nothing should be necessary.
| Manuel

> On Tue, 2006-12-12 at 16:08 +0000, Manuel Monteiro wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I've just set up a Fedora Core 6 i386 computer and added several
> printers to
> > cups.
> > Other computers with FC6 and MacOS X 10.3 are able to see all shared
> printer
> > but computers with FC5 and FC3 can't see them.
> >
> > Any clues?
> Well lets us start with FC3. It is my memory that FC3 did not use cups 
> printing.
> If I am wrong on that then the question is, were the printers set up 
> using system-config-printer and you clicked on sharing. That will not 
> work with cups printer sharing in my experience.
> How did you set up the FC5 machine to use the shared printers. If all 
> the machines are on the same LAN then you should have done nothing. In 
> particular you should not have filled in the reference to the server 
> in the client.conf file. If you tried to configure the printers using 
> system-config-printer, unconfigure them locally.
> If the printers are on different LANs then you must identify the 
> server in client.conf.
> --

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