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I see these packages in extras - maybe one is needed?

$ yum list perl*http*
Loading "installonlyn" plugin
Setting up repositories
Reading repository metadata in from local files
Available Packages
perl-DateTime-Format-HTTP.noarch         0.37-2.fc6             extras
perl-HTTP-Body.noarch                    0.6-3.fc6              extras
perl-HTTP-BrowserDetect.noarch           0.98-3.fc6             extras
perl-HTTP-Proxy.noarch                   0.20-1.fc6             extras
perl-HTTP-Recorder.noarch                0.05-1.fc6             extras
perl-HTTP-Request-Params.noarch          1.01-1.fc6             extras
perl-HTTP-Server-Simple.noarch           0.24-1.fc6             extras
perl-HTTP-Server-Simple-Mason.noarch     0.09-5.fc6             extras

Haven't had to use CPAN in a while, but (as root)
install bundle HTTP::Request

If it asks to append packages, I answer yes.  A note of caution though
- I've read that sometimes CPAN packages can conflict with a distro's
perl packages.  I've not run into that personally, but thought I
should throw it out there.


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