fglrx drivers unusable since FC6

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I've got a Dell Inspiron 6400 with an ATI Mobility X1300 display.
With FC5, the fglrx drivers from livna worked fine.  With FC6, I've
not yet been able to get any version working.

Older versions, like 8.25, won't build at all.  8.29 builds, but
doesn't work (the now famous "PreInitDAL failed" message).  8.30 or
newer segfault on startup (after the PreInitDAL message), either
livna's or one built from ATI's download.

Does anyone have fglrx drivers working with an X1300 at 1680x1050
resolution?  If so, what version, and could you mail me a copy of your
xorg.conf?  I'm hoping that it's something missing there that's
breaking things.

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