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On Sunday 03 December 2006 03:58, Ted Gervais wrote:
>ON a new FC6 installation I am trying to get my printer going. It is a
>Deskjet 895Cxi.  And the default installation shows no signs of working.
>I am trying to use 'system-config-printer' to get things going and am
>wondering if that is the only tool available or is there something else.
>So far I have no luck in getting the printer to come to life..

While that utility is improved for FC6, I'm from the old school, and tend 
to want to use the tools Michael (the author of cups) gave us to do that.  
If cupsd is running, just point your browser at <http://localhost:631> 
and follow the printers->add a printer prompts.  Hint, you can add 
several different setup profiles for various usages, all actually point 
to the same printer.  I have a quick 360dpi B&W for draft printing, 
another, also at 360dpi full color, a 3rd at 1440xdpi full color for 
photo work setup in addition to the one that hal added, and whose dpi I 
don't recall but its speed is midway between the 360dpi and the 1440dpi 
versions.  And they all point to the same Epson C-82 plugged into a usb 

If cupsd isn't running, there is probably something wrong 
with /etc/cups/cupsd.conf, see /var/log/cups/error_log for details.

Cheers, Gene
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