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LC wrote:
Hi All,

I have a fedora router to route LAN into the internet to pick up emails and such. Is there a solution which I can make use of fetchmail to check on mailboxes from the internet server, store them in the router and wait for users to pick up the mails?
Sorry, can you clarify that first statement about your router?

It's a Fedora box, that does NAT/Firewall? At this point in time it has NO mail server?
Assuming the answer is, no mail server, I would install a mailserver
(like Cyrus) and setup IMAP on the box. Then have that box do a
fetchmail and POP the mail off to itself.
Next, configure your users PCs mail clients to talk to this IMAP machine....
or you could have the users pop the mail off that box and onto their local machines, but that seems kind of pointless. If they're going to POP, they may as well go straight to the source.
My 2c.

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