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Kanwar Ranbir Sandhu wrote:
Hi Everyone,

Do web apps built on .Net work with Firefox on Linux distros?  I think
the answer to that question is no, but maybe I'm wrong.

I'm asking because a security camera system a client uses is being moved
to a web based .Net app.  I don't know anything about .Net except that
it's a Microsoft development environment (and maybe even that's wrong!),
and that .Net apps don't run on Linux.



First, please define what .Net means. What you will find is that
marketing at Microsoft wanted to brand about 10-20 tools and libraries
into one big scheme.
For instance, part of .Net is the C# development tools, libraries, and
Also, Active X is part of .Net.

So the question is not nearly complete enough in its current form.

Would Microsoft obscure its development activities such that no-one could understand it and therefore anything built using it could only possibly run under a MsWindows environment? The answer to that is confirmed by the very question you asked. :(
No one here can answer the question. You would have to ask the
developers exactly what they were using to build the app. You see, even
HTML is part of .Net.

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