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Dan Track wrote:
> I'm hoping one of you experts out there can help me. I'd like to
> delete a file signiture from the top and bottom of a file. I know I
> need to use sed, but my sed isn't that good. Could someone please
> help me write a sed command. I would appreciate any help.

Something like this should do the trick:

$ sed '/^-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE-----$/,/^$/ d; /^-----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE-----$/,/^-----END PGP SIGNATURE-----$/ d'

This command uses pattern matching to define the range and then uses
the d command to delete that range.  (I'm looking forward to seeing
other ways to do it. :)

I notice that the PGP message has a NotDashEscaped: armor header.
This is typically used for patch files to allow the patch program to
parse the output properly and yet still be verifiable with PGP/GnuPG.
If that's what you have, perhaps you don't need to remove the PGP info
at all?

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