Re: Directory Size problem

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At 10:42 AM +0000 11/29/06, Dan Track wrote:
>I've got a directory /var/spool/mqueue that is at 3.6G. The problem is
>that I've deleted everything in the directory but the size reported
>from du -hs is still reported as 3.6G. I've shutdown all potential
>sevices that could possibly be using teh directory e.g sendmail,
>httpd, syslog but it hasn't helped if I run an lsof or fuser against
>the directory I get no connections listed.
>Could someone please help me figure this weird problem out.

"ll -a" may show that some files were not deleted.

"df" may show that the space is actually available.

"lsof" may show that some files are open.
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