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 Thanks Andy.
Tcpdump shows nothing, all 0 packets
Ifconfig eth0 shows the usual IP addr etc but with many packets dropped.

Just so you know, I even swapped out the NIC and no go. Also this little box was running WinXP pro just fine.

One more try and I will abandon this. 

Thanks much

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Ferguson, Michael wrote:
> Andy,
> Thanks.
> Route -n returns
> Kernal IP routing table
> Destination		Gateway		Genmase		Flags		Metric	Ref	Use	Iface
> 	U		0		0	0	eth0
>		U		0		0	0	eth0
>		UG		0		0	0	eth0

Looks sane... I guess I would fire up tcpdump, just


in one console window and try the ping again.  Also, what does

ifconfig eth0



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