I'd like to dual boot Fedora with Debian...

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I'm a relatively new Linux User. I've been running Debian Etch for a
few months. I recently decided to try dual-booting a RPM Based Linux
Distro with Debian. Someone from my LUG recommended OpenSuSE, which
choked on my hardware.

I've repartitioned my Debian box with a EXT3 partition of about 60
Gigs. Will it be possible to install Fedora in that partition?

Or do I need to delete the partition so that it is just empty and
unpartitioned space? If that is the case, how do I make sure that
Fedora installs in the empty space and doesn't overwrite my Debian OS?

I'm downloading the Fedora 6 DVD, which should be ready by tomorrow
afternoon. :]

I appreciate any assistance with these questions, and I am eager to
give Fedora a try.

Scott Huey

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