Re: I chickened out - but it's up

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Michael Satterwhite wrote:
> After the problems I had with Fedora Core 6, I installed Fedora Core 5
> when I tried again. It seems to be working. I'm sure I'm going to have
> some questions as I switch from Ubuntu to Fedora.
> Question 1:
> Most of the distributions I've used bring up a service (MySQL, Samba,
> etc) when I install it. Fedora doesn't. Is there a tool for this, or do
> I drop back to raw mode as if I compiled them? e.g. how do I bring up
> MySQL and Samba.
> Thanks in advance
> ---Michael

as root

 chkconfig mysqld on
 chkconfig smbd on

will enable these services to start at boot.

man chkconfig

or use System -> Administration -> Server Settings -> Services in Gnome



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