Re: Upgrade to FC6 takes very, very long time

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Wade Hampton wrote:
The last couple of days, I upgraded two computers from FC4->FC6 and one from FC5->FC6. They all took 4-5 hours or more to upgrade.
  AMD 2800, FC4->FC6, via 10T network, took about 4 hours
AMD x86_64 3000 desktop, FC4->FC6, images on local hard disk, about 3 hours AMD x86_64 3200 laptop, FC5->FC6, images on local disk (VFAT), about 20 hours
Any idea why it is taking so long to perform upgrades. I have been
doing RH/Fedodra
updates for many, many years and have never had delays like this,
especially how
long it took to update the laptop.

Also, I have an old 600Mhz computer that I tried to upgrade from FC3->FC6, but gave up after a few hours. I am wondering what I should put on that machine (128M only, maybe fresh install of FC6 or just use Knoppix or DSL?). Any help would be most appreciated.
Wade Hampton
I bumped (fresh install) my laptop (PIII 600) up from 192 to 384mb for FC6; took about about an hour and 15mins... I was impressed.

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