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Beartooth wrote:
> To make space, I want to move a couple of old backup
>  files, preferably as user btth rather than as root.
>         I want to move them from /home/btth to /opt -- and I'd
>  rather use the FC6 GUI method (in conjunction with the new Disk
>  Usage Analyzer in the FC6 Gnome GUI).
>         To do that that way, without logging out and then back in
>  as root, afaik, I need user btth to have permission to write to
>  /opt.
>         Since I rarely have occasion to change permissions, that
>  means slogging through *several* man pages that come up when you
>  tell Konqueror "man:chmod"
>         Ten to one there's an easier way. I'm thinking, for
>  instance, if I go into Users&Groups through the GUI, and add
>  btth to some group that has write permission to /opt, that might
>  do it -- maybe ..?? But what group??
You might want to look at Midnight Commander (mc). It is a curses
based CLI tool, so you will have to run it in a terminal window. The
nice thing about it is that you can highlight a file, directory, or
a group of them, and change permissions using check boxes for the
permissions you want. (Ctrl-X c or F9 --> File --> cHmod )

I know there are GUI tools that will do the same thing. But MC is
nice because you can use it from the CLI as well. It will also work
with a mouse.


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