Re: Yum upgrade damage 3 of my systems yesterday

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At 12:48 PM +0000 11/23/06, Julian Rios wrote:
>Hello community !
>In my Workstations i use Fedora Core 6. Daily, i run yum upgrade -y
>command for upgrade the OS. Yesterday i have a surprise when finished
>the yum upgrade and reboot ............ X11 did not start. Tracing the
>logs, i found that the XFS Font Server did not start. NVIDIA driver
>was correct. Next, put my actions:
># startx
>   .....
>   .....
>   could not init font path element unix/:7000
>   FATAL: could not init default font fixed
># service xfs status
>   xfs is died, but pid file found
># service xfs restart
>   Starting xfs .... Ok
># service xfs status
>    xfs is died, but pid file found
># xfs
>    many of errors indicating: ignoring font path element (bad font path
>    desciptor)
>    ignoring /usr/share/X11/fonts/misc (bad font path desciptor)
>    .......
>    XFS fatal error: element #0 of font path is bad
>I am confused, i reinstall the package xorg-x11-xfs and reinstall the
>fonts xorg-x11-fonts-base* and nothing !!!
>The problem init when the yum upgrade finish the last actualization.
>What happend ?, i still continue with the problem, help !!!

Others will have more likely suggestions, but it may be that your RPM
database is damaged and that made yum not work properly, even if the
database hasn't completely fallen over yet.  To check the RPM database:
"rpm --verifydb".  To repair if it is damaged, as root: "rpm --rebuilddb".
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