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Robert P. J. Day wrote:
>   as part of a crash course in teaching some folks scripting this last
> week, i grabbed a random FC6 script and walked through it with them.
> i chose /sbin/service since it's a nice example of several scripting
> features in a single place, but that script does have some strange
> code in it.
>   first, as an exercise for the reader, what is so amusing about
> *this* snippet of script:
>     case "${1}" in
>       --help | -h | --h* )
>   also, based on the structure of the main argument processing loop,
> you can invoke service in some weird ways:
>   $ service httpd --version
>   service ver. 0.91
> where you can see that the first argument of service name "httpd" is
> superseded by "--version".  is that by design?  just curious.
> rday
	I read here recently that (I believe) bash reads the input line and
ensures that switches (i.e. --<something> or -*) is associated with the
command (always the first thing in a command line). I'll assume that it
also fixes entries with pipes or ; in a similar way.

	I think you'll find that most other commands work this way such as "yum
- -y update --exclude=<something> gtk2 --enablerepo=<whatever>" will work
no matter what order you put the switches or command arguments.

	That same email suggested that the behavior is due to change due to
posix. I'm not sure what posix has to do with this, but apparently
eventually you will need to use the command line in the form of <cmd>
<switches> <arguments>.  This is o.k. with me as it is the way I've
always done it.

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