BCM43xx / Network Manager bug

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I would post this on bugzilla, but I cannot find a place to put it
There appears to be a bug in either the bcm43xx-fwcutter or the Network Manager when you have more the 2G of ram. It I load the -385 distro, changes made to the network manager are reflected in the iwconfig comand. You can scan and do all the regular things without problems.
When I load the x86_64 distro on an ACER 3400 in 2G of ram, changes made in the network manager do not make it to the iwconfig. It also reports that scaning is not supported. If you "ifup" or try to connect via the network manager the computer completely locks up
I am getting tired of Howtos that say to just type these 3 lines and all will be done. I am using a fresh install, using the same laptop, but mine has 2G and not just 1G of ram. The computer locks up.

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