Re: how do i get glx extension?

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"David Scriven" wrote in message news:[email protected]
> >I am trying to run a program on fc6 that uses OpenGL and 
> >Freeglut and am receiving the following error message:
> >
> > freeglut (./cube): OpenGL GLX extension not supported by display ':1.0'
> >
> >My machine is rather old and has an ATI Rage-II (?) video 
> >card and xorg.conf says it is using the "ati" driver.
> >However, if I point the display to a Windows-2k machine 
> >running the same hardware with Cygwin X, the program 
> >runs and displays the expected image.
> Check the xorg.conf in the "Module" section
> there should be a line:
> Load  "glx"
> if it's not there then insert it.
> If it is there look at /var/log/Xorg.0.log to see if there are any
> error messages when it tries to load it
> Installing glxutils and running glxinfo will also help you 
> determine what is going on.

Thanks for that helpful info, I think I understand 
the "why" now, but still not the solution.

Turns out that I am working in a VNC display.  When 
the program displays to the machine's console X server 
it runs fine.  But when it tries to display to the VNC 
x server it produces the error.

Doing some searching did not turn up any clear (at 
least to me) answers.  I gather VNC doesn't support
the glx extensions.  I came across xf4vnc but that 
seems to be old and based on xfree86 and its not at 
all clear to me if it will work with fc6/xorg.

Has anyone else been down this path and have any 
advice?  Is it possible to have an OpenGL produce
output in a VNC display? 

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