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At 7:01 PM -0700 11/16/06, Frank Tanner III wrote:
>I am having an odd Python issue when trying to run a yum update.  I get
>the following message:
>--> Finished Dependency Resolution
>Error: python-devel conflicts with python < 2.4.4-1.fc6
>When I do a query as to what python packages I have installed I get the
>If you notice both Python 2.4.3 and 2.4.4 are loaded  The update is for
>updating python-devel to 2.4.4, however, it won't let me.  I have not
>done any oddball upgrades and have let yum do all of my updates.  When I
>try to un-install the 2.4.3 version, of course, I get all sorts of error
>How can I fix this?  Any assistance that you can give me would be
>greatly appreciated.

Dang.  I had this issue during my upgrading FC5 to FC6 the past couple of
days, and can't find what I did exactly, as I also had other issues.

As part of upgrading, I found that my RPM database was corrupt (it crashed
on me) and I rebuilt it, and then did the upgrade.  Hmm, the double python
may have been before the upgrade.  You might try saving the RPM database
files (cp /var/lib/rpm .) and rebuilding it (rpm --rebuilddb).  Maybe the
old Python will go away.

"rpm -V python-2.4.3-18.fc6" and see if it seems intact.  If it is just a
vestige, "rpm -e --justdb python-2.4.3-18.fc6", though if the RPM database
is corrupt it may blow up then (make a copy first).  If it is all there,
try removing it normally with "rpm -e python-2.4.3-18.fc6".  You could even
try removing all Pythons and then re-installing the newer one, but you'll
want to have the new RPM on hand as yum needs Python to work (RPM does not).
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