Re: Fedora FC6 network install problems with eVGA nForce 680i, motherboard

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From: "David Siu" <[email protected]>

Ugg... I dread downloading 6 iso files... I would have been able to
get Fedora installed much faster through a network install... My
concern now however is will my network card work at all in FC6... I
would hate to have to download all the cds, burn them all, install it,
only to find out that FC6 doesn't work with the network card. Does
anyone know what significant changes there were that would affect this
part of the installation process?

Have you checked the FC6 release notes?

If you do end up downloading a new copy of FC6, I recommend going with
a Fedora Unity respin, since it would have more up-to-date packages.


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