Re: Logging fsck at boot

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2006/11/14, T. Horsnell <[email protected]>:
>> On Tue, 2006-11-14 at 12:31 -0200, Clodoaldo Pinto Neto wrote:
>Ok. Can I make shutdown -F -r tell fsck to correct eventual problems
>like in e2fsck -f -y ?

Looking at /etc/rc.sysinit, it would seem that you can specify
some fsck options in a file called /fsckoptions. If that file exists,
then the options in it are applied to the boot-time fsck.
Thanks, that worked.

For future readers:

The only options accepted in fsckoptions are: -p/-a or -n or -y

You can only have one of them in fsckoptions. If you use more than one
it will hang on boot waiting for keyboard input and you will be locked
out if you have no console access.

Regards, Clodoaldo Pinto Neto

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