Re: Sun Pours Out Java Cup

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On Monday 13 November 2006 17:36, Ric Moore wrote:
>> On Monday 13 November 2006 19:05, [email protected] wrote:
>> > Sun did it! They released all versions of Java under GNU GPL v2.
>> > Read this article for the details. Now: what will happen to the GNU
>> > Compiler for Java (gcj)? Will they be able to use Sun's own Java
>> > code to make the project fully compatible with all the Java
>> > applications built with Sun's version? Or will gcj give way
>> > completely to the presently built Java Development Kit? Will a fully
>> > Sun-compatible Java development environment be available for Fedora
>> > Core 7? 6?
>Praise GAWD! <gibbers thankfully> Ric

Amen!  Then pass the bisquits please. :)

Cheers, Gene

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