Re: FC6: Things segfaulting all over

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At 11:26 13/11/2006, you wrote:

The smartctl test also went well.

As Dave mentioned, I will also give it a blast. Hope it will do well.
Also I am thinking of re-seating RAM and CPU this evening.
If you take out the CPU then you will also need to apply fresh heat
sink compound. I found that a little white spirit (or whatever the
solvent for cleaning oil based paint out of brushes is called in your
locality) from the DIY shop on a kitchen wipe is very effective for
cleaning off the old compound.

But I cannot afford to run memtest for several days as it was required
in Mogen's case.
I decided that if a machine hangs during memtest especially when it's
already been running for several hours then it most probably isn't
the memory that's causing the problem. Does this seem reasonable?

Thanks for the replies guys.

BTW Just another thought - Are you powering the machine with a UPS?

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