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"AragonX" <[email protected]> wrote:

I'm not sure if it does or not but I find it difficult to navigate info. I'm a man page nut but once it refers me to the info documentation, I'm in trouble. Perhaps I just haven't taken enough time to learn info but man seems to work well enough... All the fancy navigation just confuses my old brain. It's kinda like emacs vs vi to me. I'm just a simple vi man. Emacs has a lot of fancy features but I just want to get the job done. Down with info! Man forever!!! LOL Let the flames begin. I'll just hide behind this firewall with my flame retarding underwear on. :)
pinfo: It doesn't improve on the content but it at least makes navigation easier.
I can't remember whether it was on HP-UX or SunOS but I once needed to
find out how to use uuencode/uudecode on a file. This was back in the
day before mime types and people would uuencode a binary before sending
it and just slurp it into their mail message. The man page provided all
sorts of wonderful detail on how the program worked and not a smidgen of
help on how to use it.

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