Re: Problem with the serial port in Fedora Core 6 -xen kernel

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On Saturday 11 November 2006 23:07, Craig White wrote:
>On Sat, 2006-11-11 at 22:52 -0500, Jim Cornette wrote:
>> >> I guess I am glad that the non-xen kernel gives you what you wanted
>> >> after all (the serial port interfaces for your X11). I just assumed
>> that
>> >> you chose the xen kernel with the intent to run xen virtualization,
>> but
>> >> I am guessing that your motherboard doesn't support xen which is
>> >> probably the cause of the problem in the first place.
>> Isn't XEN restrained to a file, has no hardware unless setup to use
>> real
>> hardware? I am not sure about xen and machine capability but I know
>> that
>> my laptop with sufficient memory would stay railed at full speed and
>> would not last very long with this condition. Also, on other
>> computers
>> the system memory is so low that xen would not work properly.
>> It sounds like the problem that happened to Gene and others is even
>> thinking that the xen version of the kernel would interfere with the
>> operation of their computer. The thought of users was probably that
>> they
>> would try out virtualization at a later date. No user would suspect
>> problems until they tried to setup virtualization,
>I would agree with this assessment.
>> When one installs virtualization, the kernel for xen should not be
>> the
>> default kernel. A normal kernel should also be installed and set to
>> default.
>I would agree with this assessment too.
>Assume that users don't understand all of the ramifications of the
>choices they make at installation time. Gene is after all, a long time
>RHL/FC user and probably representative of a typical user that checked
>the box...thinking that he had heard of Xen somewhere and it may be
>something worthwhile to check out.

As you know, short term memory is the 2nd thing to go, but I honestly 
don't recall choosing it.  I did a text install and basicly just chose 
everything because I had a feeling x was going to be fubar, and it is, I 
cannot use the same 1600x1200 screen I use in FC2 because its wrapped on 
all 4 sides, so I have to revert to the next lower resolution but thats 
somehow overridden for a narrower aspect ratio.  Pictures are distorted 
when displayed by being just obviously a bit too narrow for their height.  
I'll compare mode lines and make it work eventually, but thats not at the 
top of my list ATM.


Cheers, Gene

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