Re: Mouse disapears when X starts? WEIRD

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Mark wrote:
Very strange mouse problem.
I have had to reboot on occasion when I start my fedora 6 install comes up but has no mouse.
I am finding that it does that all the time now.
When in init 3, I can move the mouse, and see the white cursor moving so I know it is there. When in 5 ( startx ) I cant see the cursor moving but know it is there. Right click brings up the menu on the desktop etc.... so I know X sees it too. But no visable mouse pointer that cna be seen. Thoughts?

I'm not sure why that would happen, but some graphics drivers for X let you switch between a hardware generated cursor and a software generated cursor. You'll need to look at the man page for the driver you use to see if you can do this but you could try changing from one to the other to see if that at least provides a work around.

Ian Chapman.

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