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On Fri, 2006-11-10 at 15:36 +0000, Andy Green wrote:
> Lyvim Xaphir wrote:
>   > I'm like Lonni
> Do you work for nVidia too then?
> I think Kim has a point

No, he does not have a point because 1) he is running a test kernel 2)
he has test-updates enabled 3) You don't run bleeding edge stuff on a
production machine 4) You do not expect Nvidia to release drivers for
test kernels and 5) a fully functional already compiled version of the
Nivida drivers is available on the Livna repository.  It's HIS foul by
using test stuff, not ours.

If you want to help in the development of the distro, you use the test
kernels and packages and furthermore you submit regular bug reports to
bugzilla.  That is the PURPOSE of the testing stuff; it's called
"testing" for a reason. (testing you see is the process of getting shit
to work in the first place.)  IF on the other hand you want production
level results, you use a production-stable fedora (Like FC5) with
accompanying already-compiled drivers; period-dot end of line.

> : being forced to use a fragile binary blob to 
> get the features built into the hardware is annoying.  While recognizing 
> that nVidia folk did the work on the nv driver, it is also an arbitrary 
> decision of nVidia that keeps any more advanced functionality out of nv 
> and only in the binary blob.
> -Andy

To make the assertion that Nvidia's decision is arbitrary is flat out
stupid.  You are basically saying that they flipped a coin as to wether
to go open source or not, that's bullshit.  What they are doing is
protecting their intellectual property by keeping portions of the driver
closed, so there isn't a damn thing that's arbitrary about it.  They
have the *right to possess and protect their own intellectual property.

"Anybody else wanna negotiate?" -- Maj. Korben Dallas
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