Re: Nvidia sucks, sucks, sucks !

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Kim Lux <lux <at>> writes:

> I'd like to thank Nvidia for wasting another hour of my life this
> morning !  I am pretty sure that if it wasn't for Nvidia and their
> stupid, idiotic driver system that I could have saved enough time in the
> last 2 years to go on a week's vacation !
> Yesterday I absentmindedly ran "yum update".  Stupid me, I didn't watch
> it and apparently a new kernel got installed (2835).
> When I rebooted this morning, startx wouldn't run without a bunch of
> errors !  Hmmm... uname -a tells me, surprise, we are now running kernel
> 2835 !  Yippee !

This is a puzzle to me - after all as far as I know kernel 2835 is still in
updates-testing and not released into updates yet (as of 1 minute ago at least
when I checked the main Fedora repo site!)

Hence it might be that you have updates-testing enabled when you ought not to?


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