Re: i8k module and x86_64 kernel

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El Jueves, 9 de Noviembre de 2006 09:58, Marcel J.E. Mol escribió:
> After setting up my new inspiron laptop with FC6 x86_64 I noticed the i8k
> module is not present. It turned out the module is only present in the i686
> kernel package.
> Is there a reason i8k is not in 64-bit kernels?

I supposed that they are trying to port the module to 64 bit kernels, maybe 
you could contact the developer and ask him if there's a plan to include i8k 
on kernel for 64bits distros, I hope so.

Furthermore I rembemer that i read (don't know where) that the problem was (i 
don't know if it's still a problem) that the main developer of i8k hasn't got 
a 64bit machine where he could be able to test his driver and modifying it if 
that was necesary.

Manuel Arostegui Ramirez.

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