Re: i386 RPMs in x86_64 repos?

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> It's weird, but it works...

Sometimes :-). The thing that always gets me removing 32 bit duplicate packages
is trying to run yum update and getting 10,000 errors about conflicts because
(for example) the x86_64 rpms have been updated in the repo, but the i386
rpms haven't yet arrived with identical versions, so it can't do the x86_64 updates
because files it would try to remove are owned by i386 versions of installed
rpms that don't have updates available. By the time the i386 rpms show up
for the 1st set of conflicts, some other group of x86_64 updates have also arrived
and now they cause different conflicts.

There is also absolutely no documentation about how any of this multi-arch stuff
actually works in rpms, so good luck trying to build your own rpms that conform
to whatever undocumented rules allow the duplicate installs to kinda work.

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