Re: To upgrade or not to upgrade....

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James Wilkinson wrote:
Markku Kolkka wrote:
Fedora packages don't install anything in /opt, so it will be untouched in an upgrade.
Unless the files are part of a third-party RPM that is (recorded in the
RPM database as being) dependent on a particular version of a Fedora
Core package. In that case, the upgrade will update the old Fedora Core
package, and try to upgrade the third-party RPMs to a version that *can*
co-exist with the new Core package. If it can't find any upgraded RPMs,
it will remove them, to keep the RPM database consistent.
Is this behaviour documented somewhere, since I have yet to see it after
a number of upgrades to FC6? I have yet to see a package removed as part
of an upgrade if it wasn't explicitly obsoleted by another package.

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