Re: FC6 Strange things in Yumex

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antonio montagnani wrote:
2006/11/5, Joel Gomberg <[email protected]>:
antonio montagnani wrote:
> I upgraded an FC5 system but when I start yumex to update system I get
> the list for updates and extras for FC5 while for livna I get the lv6
> (i.e. FC6) updates. What is wrong???
I think it's a problem with the first FC6 version of yumex.
Try  yum update yumex  first.


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but yumex-1.1.7-1.0.fc6 is running

any other idea??
Perhaps the metadata and/or cache need to be reset.

You could try

yum clean metadata
yum clean dbcache

Or from within yumex

-> Tools -> reset repository cache


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