Re: domain name, machine name alias

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Dan McCullough schrieb:

On 11/4/06, Dan McCullough <[email protected]> wrote:

okay so if mail comes in for the local-host-names will
"map" that to so it doesn't bounce or anything.
No, local-hosts-names is no map. It only tells the MTA which domain names are to be treated being local. So if you run Sendmail (as only for that MTA local-host-names is the default file name specifying local domains) and you configured the DNS zone for to have an MX pointing to the A PTR, Sendmail will respect to be local if it appears in class {w}. To be checked running "echo '$=w' | /usr/lib/sendmail -bt". All aliases from the former machine setup should work as before if you did transferred them. Or you may run a virtusertable. If you run a different MTA like Postfix or Exim the setup is a bit different. If you did not switch the MTA from the old MX host to the new one then you will just have to set the new one up as the old one and correct the DNS MX record.

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