Re: Livna nVidia Drivers on PNY G-Force 6200 (128MB)

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On 11/4/06, Christopher A. Williams <[email protected]> wrote:
Does anyone have experience getting the Livna nVidia drivers to behave
on FC6 with the G-Force 6200? Here's my story:

I had an old G-Force 5200FX (128MB/AGP). Attempting to run with the
current Livna drivers immediately froze the system when X started. The
only option was a hard reset, rescue CD, update to default at runlevel 3
and uninstall to return to the opensource driver.

Thinking it may be hardware issues (but also being on a tight budget), I
replaced the old card with a shiny new PNY G-Force 6200 (128MB/AGP). The
Livna drivers now no longer freeze the system, but I am only able to run
at 800x600 resolution, regardless of how I manually adjust display
settings. Higher resolutions work fine when falling back to the
opensource driver, but I have constant video repaint issues,
particularly when typing text. The current Livna beta drivers still
totally lock the system (with a grey screen at startup).

Sorry I can't help you out but I am using the PNY G-Force 6200 (128MB/AGP) Fanless card without any display problems so your card should be fine.  I didn't have any problems with installing the Livna drivers.


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