Re: SATA SCSI Id assignments - two drives being assigned the, same Channel/Id/Lun on boot

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David G. Miller wrote:
Paul Howarth <[email protected]> wrote:

It's not trying to mount sdb1 here, it's trying to mount another device *on* a directory within sdb1 (your /home). You just need to fix the SELinux context type of that directory, as I suggested yesterday:

An easy way to see if this is the problem is to turn off SELinux. Either go in through the security GUI and set the policy to "permissive" and reboot or, on reboot, add "selinux=0" to the boot parameters through grub. If the problem goes away, Paul is right.
Using permissive mode is definitely the better option here since
"selinux=0" will mean you need to relabel next time you boot with
SELinux enabled.
In this case, the problem was fairly obviously due to SELinux since the
originally posted error messages were SELinux denials for the "mounton"

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