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At 1:56 PM -0700 10/27/06, Knute Johnson wrote:
>I'm downloading FC6 and am curious what sort of download rates you
>guys are getting.  Mine is really slow about 6-8kb/s.  I've forwarded
>the ports in my router from 6881-6999 so I think that part is OK.  I
>get a lot of errors in the Bittorrent log, about one every few
>seconds.  Is that normal?  My Linksys router shows a lot of
>Connection Refused - Policy Violation messages in the incoming log.
>The ports are often 6881 on the remote end and not in the 6881-6999
>range on my end.  I assume that these have something to do with
>Bittorrent but I'm not sure what.  I would like to improve my
>performance a bit, I've been downloading for several days and it says
>I have 5 to go :-).
>It is also possible that my ISP is throttling these connections.
>Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

1) Stop and restart bittorrent.  Sometimes this helps, other times waiting
is enough for it to speed up.

If your upload rate is lower than you expect, your ISP may be interfering:

2) Use a different port range.

3) Use Azureus with its encryption.

If your upload rate is about as much as you're allowed (ADSL is tight,
while cable modems seem to be really tight):

4) Cap your upload rate at about half its maximum.  Use the --help option
to get the option to use.  In bittorrent-curses it is --max_upload_rate
<kB/s>, default 20 kB/s.
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