Re: VMware server cannot run on FC6

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On 10/26/06, Andy Green <[email protected]> wrote:
> The problem is now isolated: the kernel was not installed by 'rpm -i
> kernel*'. Now, how can I install it from outside? Through the rescue
> mode?

Hum, that's a pretty tricky situation!

I think what I would try first, if I had the right kernel RPMs kicking
around, would be to use rpm's --root.  So from your FC4 system

rpm -i --root /mnt/fc6 /path/to/kernel*.rpm

In theory this should do the deed as if /mnt/fc6 was at /, at least, it
should use the rpm database in /mnt/fc6/var/lib/rpm and does a chroot
before running any scriptlets.

Anyway I would try it first, not least to find out if it really can do
the deed.
Thanks, Andy. I used the install dvd to upgrade my FC6 installation
and it did the trick.


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