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On Wednesday 25 October 2006 13:26, Gene Heskett wrote:
> >Linux *was* a four-letter word to Canon, for a long time, but I
> > understand that they have *very* recently seen the light, and we can
> > expect more support in the future.  Let's hope the article I read was
> > right.
> >
> >Anne
> I hope so, some of their printers look pretty good when driven by winderz.
> And may even be ok for linux as I see mentions of them go by on the
> gutenprint list from time to time.  But a major change in attitude on
> canons part would surely be mentioned there and I don't recall any real
> discussion pertaining to it taking place.  The other half of that problem
> is that canon, like hp, is a far-flung outfit, and official changes in
> attitudes often take years to reach the folks in the trenches.  I suspect
> it starts in a particular trench, but often gets stepped on in the
> boardroom & never gets past the CEO.
That could well be the case.  I do have a particular reason for noticing 
anything about canon equipment.  I struggled for about 4 years to get my 
canon film-scanner working, and only achieved it earlier this year - with a 
sane driver.  Using vuescan it scans perfectly, and prints well too.

I've seen many reports that the lide range of printers work well with linux, 
but I think Canon are co-operating to get open-source developers to write the 
drivers, rather than supplying themselves.  I know many will deprecate that, 
but it seems to me that if they don't really have the expertise in-house this 
is better than attempting it and botching it.


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