Re: OT: the rm bug hit me again

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Joe Klemmer wrote:
>     I alomst hate to admit it but the rm bug bit me for the second time
> in my life over the weekend.  The first time was back, oh, late '94 I
> think.  But everyone gets bit by this at least once in their *NIX
> career. But my braindead brain was cleaning out some redundant gunk in
> /usr/lib (like all the versions of firefox and mozilla laying around). 
> You know what's coming...
> # cd /usr/lib
> # rm -fR mozilla *
>                 ^-------- There was supposed to be a "." there.
> I caught it quickly but not before it whacked some GNOME junk (what the
> heck is a bonobo?).
>     Oh well, guess it was my turn to play "crusty old phart who does
> stupid newbie move" today.  :-)

What bug?  rm did exactly what you told it to do.  The "bug" is not in the
command but in the person using it.

We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.
		-- Oscar Wilde

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