Re: So, what's a "Zod?"

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Peter Gordon írta:
Arthur Pemberton wrote:
And so God created Wikipedia
The 'Z' and 'G' keys are too far away for that to have been
unintentional. Zod will therefore smite you with his glorious
eye-candy and security features. :)
Hm, if you look at the Hungarian keyboard layout,
the Z and Y are replaced there, so Z and G are very near. :-)
And talking about extraterrestrial heroes, remember
that there was a saying about Edward Teller and his
collegues that went like this: "The martians are among us
and they call themselves Hungarian."

These facts now fit nicely together. ;-)

Best regards,
Zoltán Böszörményi

P.S. I just realized that my initials is
always circulating on the fedora lists
accompanied with some number. :-P

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