Re: rkhunter warnings

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Timothy Alberts wrote:
On Thu, 2006-10-12 at 19:10 +0530, Vikram Goyal wrote:

I'm using FC5 and recently I started getting warnings from rkhunter cron
check. I manually also updated the hashes with same results.

What may be the reason??? Any ideas...Anything to worry...

* System tools
Info: prelinked files found
Performing 'known good' check...
 /bin/cat  [ BAD ]
 /bin/chmod  [ BAD ]
 /bin/chown  [ BAD ]
 /bin/date  [ BAD ]
 /bin/dmesg  [ BAD ]
 /bin/env  [ BAD ]
 /bin/grep  [ BAD ]
 /bin/kill  [ BAD ]
 /bin/login  [ BAD ]
 /usr/bin/whoami  [ BAD ]
Rootkit Hunter found some bad or unknown hashes. This can be happen due replaced
binaries or updated packages (which give other hashes). Be sure your hashes are
fully updated (rkhunter --update). If you're in doubt about these hashes, contact
the author (fill in the contact form).

 I get these too, but only on one of the machines?

I get a whole boatload of these from the md5 check, everything else is cool. Time for a new version of rkhunter?
Cheers, Gene

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