Re: gzip security update

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From: "Kevin J. Cummings" <[email protected]>

jdow wrote:
Does anybody other than me think it is a little peculiar that there
was a listed update for gzip today that has an earlier version number
than the one from the second?

gzip-1.3.5-7.1.fc5.i386.rpm    October 2
gzip-1.3.5-7.fc5.i386.rpm      October 10

Did somebody screw up the version numbering?
No, they changed the "epoch" in the version string so they could release
a version based on a more stable release (with all the patches they
needed).  See the announcement on the Fedora Package Announcements list.
That makes no sense at all. It means we have to back out the higher
version gzip and go to a lower version which is a hassle and a half.

Basically the fscked up.

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