Re: Command line parameter problem in scripts ?

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$* is a common var, but [email protected] is an array of vars.

2006/10/11, Kim Lux <[email protected]>:
On Tue, 2006-10-10 at 18:20 +0100, Paul Howarth wrote:
> > How do I get $1 to be * rather than just a specific file ?
> You can't. The shell that you are running is what is expanding the "*",
> not the script.

Then the following web page is wrong ?  Note the example for ls.  It
shows $1 to be '*' !

> Try changing the script not to use $1 instead:
> =======================================
> echo
> echo Arguments are "[email protected]"
> for eachFile in "[email protected]"
> do
> 	...
> done
> =======================================

[email protected] is the whole command line, right ?

While we are on the subject, what is the diff between $* and [email protected] ?

I'd find this info on my own but it doesn't appear that google will take $*
or [email protected] as search terms.  Someone correct me if I am wrong on this.


Kim Lux,  Diesel Research Inc.

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