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On 10/7/06, Heikki Pesonen <[email protected]> wrote:
I have sent two times questions to fedora-list. But nothing of them has
appeared to my post. I have noticed that the topics discussed here are
usually on the higher level than my knowledge of Linux. I understand that
one usually gets the answer to questions by googling and by all means
searching information from the Net. But  I am not quite young and I have it
difficult to read long stories from the display.

My two last mails had the topic
How to start Beagle Daemon from the command line? and Winhelp is empty?

You may want to try the irc channel for help. Your questions may just
not be understood. No one is purposesly ignoring you. Try the irc
(chatroom) at irc://freenode/fedora , you may have better luck there.
I have neither Beagle or installed programs on my Wine myself.

Fedora Core 5 and proud

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