Re: a couple of questions

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Scott Berry wrote:

Now my father who uses kde needs this put in Kde how would this best be done? Just make a link to it?
Yes the KDE menus do not really reflect what the Gnome menus have in a
1:1 way. This is because KDE is a creature of Extras and Gnome is the
official desktop environment of Fedora. Which would be fine except IMO
KDE is considerably better (due to its C++ methodology I believe) than
Gnome and has been for several years. But RHAT is not a KDE shop.
Because I don't have an HP printer I can't tell if these applets are
graphical or not. But perhaps you can create a way to run them either
way by just rightclicking on your KDE "start button" icon and choose the
"menu editor" to add a menu entry.

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