Re: sharing yum caches i386/x86_64

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At 9:28 PM +0200 9/24/06, ronald wrote:
Tony Nelson wrote:
At 5:49 AM +0200 9/23/06, ronald wrote:

is it possible to *join/mix* the yum caches from an i386- and an
x86_64- installation (same release) and to update the i386 parts
from that via yum update ?

maybe with a respective yum clean metadata before ?
You just asked this.  Copy the packages to a single directory and
use createrepo to make a repository from them.
thanks, this is a possibility, also.

but the more i'm playing with fc6 x86_64 the merrier i realize how
slow fc5 i386 is...

FC5 x86 and x64 are about the same speed. If one is slow, it is not set up properly.
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