Re: keyboard and kde-i18n-Slovenian.noarch 1:3.5.4-0.1.fc5

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On Sat, 2006-09-23 at 17:15 -0400, Ric Moore wrote:
> my numpad is dead, my keyboard is going weird on me, having to hit the
> ´ key twice to get it to show. Umlauts showing up on letters, making
> me crazier after dealing with bind. 

I occasionally get this on FC4 (happened with FC3, too).  You'd be using
your PC, and suddenly the keyboard behaviour would change while you were
in the middle of typing.  I could never track it down to whether I'd
inadvertently hit some key combination, or if it just happens.  

To get normal behaviour back again, I'd have to fiddle with keyboard and
language personal preferences, or system settings.  I never did find
which one really did the trick, though I suspect that the system
language configuration presets a few things at once.

There were two big problems caused by that change:  The one you mention
where you can't use the punctuation, and it gets used for accent and
letter composition.  Which makes it damn near impossible to type in any
semi-complex commands, when you don't have the ' or " ASCII symbols
available from your keyboard.  And, an inability to properly use the
shift key (there'd be no typing, at all, in lower case; you'd have to
type in all capitals - making it impossible to issue commands, or log

(Currently running FC4, occasionally trying FC5.)

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