Re: Fedora vs. Ubuntu (hijacked: can I dual boot FC and Kubuntu?)

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Claude Jones wrote:

On Friday September 22 2006 8:52 am, Joel Rees wrote:
I don't like the idea, because I am aware that many ATA controllers can't seem to keep master and slave out of each other's hair.
I have to ask - several times in this post you allude to master/slave issues.
What are you talking about? I have been building my own machines since 1989,
and I've managed hundreds in my work. Nearly all the machines I've worked on
had dual drives with master/slave configurations - I use computers in pretty
stressful environments such as video and audio editing workstations a lot.
Yet, in all that time, with all those machines, I've never encountered
problems with drive conflicts, except ones I've caused myself due to improper
jumpering. For the second time in a month on this list, someone has alluded
to such problems but with no details. What sorts of problems have you had? I
would like to know in case I encounter such in the future.

The thing is, I have never before worked with more than one drive on my machine.
I am, thus, completely ignorant of how to manage such a configuration.
I´ve also only ever dual-booted on a system that hd windows installed first.
What I would like to do now is add a drive with Kubuntu, in addition to my FC5 install. I have already installed my 200gb drive and done a fresh FC5 install. Now, what I want to know is, can I add my 15gb drive as a slave, install Kubuntu on it and have grub recognize and offer both to boot,
and access data from both drive, regardless of which OS I choose to boot.
I would even like the Kubuntu install to recognise the /home on the FC5 install on the master/200fb drive
as /home.
I´ve never done this stuff before.

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