syslog-ng pipe to mysql keeps breaking..

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Please advise on how to configure the pipe for syslog-ng to reliably pipe data to mysl ...
Some how mine keeps breaking ... It works for awhile the stops for no reason ...
and syslog-ng stops logging to the pipe ... i  end up have to recreate the pipe
and restart syslog-ng ...

what are the correct permitions / commands to use for fc 5 and centos 4 ?
I haven't worked with pipes before..

this the the code I used  ... to create the pipe ..
# Script to create a named pipe so syslog-ng messages
# can be sent to a MySQL database

if [ -p /var/run/mysql.pipe ]; then
    /usr/bin/mysql -u syslog_ng --password=syslog_ng syslog_ng < /var/run/mysql.pipe &
  mkfifo /var/run/mysql.pipe

Many Thanks
Gregory Machin
[email protected]

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