Evolution + LDAP Question

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Hi all,

I'm trying to get Evolution to display all the person objects that are
listed inside my OpenLDAP server. Currently, I have only 5 person
objects, so performance is not an issue. 

I can establish a connection to the LDAP server, and I can authenticate
successfully. But after setting up the Address Book, it displays no
contacts. If I specify a search for one particular person, it displays
the information correctly. However, I want to be able to display all the
person objects inside the LDAP server. Is there some configuration I
need to set on the LDAP server? What is the proper search syntax to
display all the person objects?

Thanks in Advance !

Pascal Chong 
email:  chongym@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 
web:    http://cymulacrum.net
pgp:    http://cymulacrum.net/pgp/cymulacrum.asc

"La science ne connaît pas de frontière parce que la connaissance
appartient à l’humanité. et que c’est la flamme qui illumine le monde."

-- Louis Pasteur

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