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This baffles me, but should be very simple.

I have a directory with names of audio files.  I want to convert from one audio format to another.  No problem there. 

I want to create a script to do handle the change of file extension chores.  I came up with this:

FILES=$(ls *.flac | cut -f1 -d\.)
for i in $FILES; do
    echo converting: $i
    flac -sd $i.flac -o  wav/$i.wav

The first file is named "01 Introduction.flac"  and the problem that I have is that the first time I go through the for loop, "i" contains "01" the next time "i" contains "Introduction".  Since I set the delimiter (with the -d option in cut) to "." (escaped) why am I not having "i" contain "01 Introduction" the first time through the for loop?  What obvious thing am I missing here?



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